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in-out chair


Can be re-arranged the way you like !


3way hammock can be a home décor

It may be a dream of having a hammock at home for many people.

Now, it can be a dream come true with Francfranc 3way hammock !

It can be used not only at home, but also during outdoor activities like camping.

\ 3Way Hammock /

What are included in a 3way hammock ?

3way hammock includes a hammock cloth, a chair cloth, a stand and a storage bag.

This popular 3way hammock can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors by re-arranging the parts !

With a storage bag, you can easily put it in after folding it up and carry it around like a shoulder bag.

How can 3way hammock be used indoors ? 

We add several functions to the hammock and make it highly flexible for different usages at home.

The 3 ways are :

1. As a Hammock

You can enjoy swinging or sleeping in it where definitely becomes your favorite spot to cozy up and relax at home.

2. As a Chair

If you re-arrange the stand, you can transform it easily into a gently swaying chair.

3. As a Hanger Rack

If you hang the attached hanger pole on the stand, it can be used as a hanger rack for drying clothes indoors.

Convenient storage bag makes it easy to carry

It comes with a storage bag that can be worn over the shoulder, making it easy to carry.

In addition, anyone can easily assemble it, so it is a user-friendly hammock.

Abundant color variations

We provide various styles that look great both indoors and outdoors.

The 3 plain color tones i.e. gray, pink and white are subdued and easy to be used.

On the other hand, the flower and tile pattern designs are more decorative and make the hammock stand out. 

Water-repellent fabric

The fabric can be hand-washed, so you can wash it after outdoor activities.

The fabric is also water repellent, so it is stain resistant and can be used for a long time.

\ In-Out Folding Chair /

A folding chair that can be used comfortably both indoors and outdoors

The frame is made of aluminum and is lightweight, so it can easily be carried outdoors.

The backrest has a pocket that can store A4 size paper,

so it is convenient for storing small items such as paper napkins and pet treats.