Frill Cushion Cover

SKU: 1102010002728
20SS-005 C/C 45X45 WHITE
20SS-005 C/C 45X45 WHITE
20SS-005 C/C 45X45 WHITE
20SS-005 C/C 45X45 WHITE
20SS-005 C/C 45X45 WHITE
20SS-005 C/C 45X45 WHITE

Frill Cushion Cover

SKU: 1102010002728
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A cushion cover full of feminine taste with plenty of frills.
For those who want a girly look with a simple design, you can choose from cute colors of three colors, pink, light blue and white.
Size: W450 × D450mm
Material: Body 100% cotton, frills 55% cupra 45% rayon (using slit yarn)
Care Instructions
● Washing: Not possible
● Dry cleaning: Yes
■ Tumble drying: Not possible
■ Iron: Not possible

■ Due to the characteristics of the product, there are some variations in size and color pattern .
■ Due to the nature of the material, it may discolor when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.
■ Fluffs and pills may occur due to friction and dry cleaning caused by use.
■ Slit yarn (lame yarn) is a material that is easily cut due to its characteristics. It is very delicate and easy to withdraw. Once withdrawn, it cannot be fixed. Please note.
■ It is a delicate product. Do not pull with strong force when mounting.
■ Be careful not to catch or catch the frills.
■ Washing with water may cause shrinkage or change in appearance, so please perform dry cleaning using a net for cleaning.

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