Francfranc Fun FAQs

About Francfranc FUN! App

How do I download and use the Francfranc FUN! App?
The registration process for Francfranc FUN! is quick and easy:
1. Download the Francfranc FUN! App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Click on "Register".
3. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to register.
Once you have completed the registration process, you can start earning FUN! points when you make purchases in Francfranc Hong Kong physical stores by presenting your valid electronic membership card or logging in to your member account on the website. You can use FUN! points to redeem exciting rewards and offers!

Which operating systems does the Francfranc FUN! App work on?
Francfranc FUN! App works on the iOS 14, 15, 16 and Android 11, 12, 13 operating system.

About Francfranc FUN! membership

Can I become a member of Francfranc FUN! if I am not a Hong Kong resident?
Yes, you can become a member of Francfranc FUN! if you download the Francfranc FUN! App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and provide the correct Hong Kong/ Macau/ or Mainland China mobile phone number and complete the registration. 

What is the validity period of Francfranc membership?
Francfranc FUN! membership is valid permanently. You can upgrade to a designated level of membership by accumulating purchases within 365 days of successful registration.

How to link my eShop account in Francfranc FUN! App?
You can select "Link eShop account" under "Profile - My Account" in the Francfranc FUN! App and enter the same email address that you registered for your eShop account.
By linking your eShop account to Francfranc FUN! App, all your FUN! and rewards can be managed together.

Will my original VIP membership be cancelled?
In response to changes in the Francfranc member policy, existing Francfranc VIP members who download our mobile application and complete registration will automatically be invited to become "Pearl FUN!" members and enjoy exclusive benefits. 

What is the difference between the new member system and the VIP system?
Francfranc new membership program provides more benefits and discounts for “Francfranc FUN! App” member. Members can accumulate consumption records and FUN! when spending in physical stores and online shop, upgrade to enjoy more discounts, and use FUN! to redeem more shopping discounts and gift rewards.
For details on the membership program, please refer to here.

Can existing VIP enjoy their VIP benefits as usual?
The new Francfranc member system is a mobile application service called "Francfranc FUN! App," and the VIP policy will no longer be applicable after the new member system is launched. VIP members must register successfully for the Francfranc FUN! App before the specified deadline to become a "Pearl FUN!" level member and enjoy exclusive shopping benefits.
For details on the membership program, please refer to here.

What will my personal information be used for?
We will use your personal information to recommend the most suitable services and offers for you. Please note that if you choose not to receive our promotional information, you will not receive these messages.
For details on our privacy policy, please refer to here

About Francfranc FUN! Membership Benefits

Any birthday rewards for Francfranc FUN! members?
Yes, Francfranc FUN! designated level members (Pearl FUN!, Ruby FUN! and Diamond FUN!) receive birthday FUN! reward in their birthday month, and members can earn double FUN! for unlimited purchases during their birthday month by presenting a valid electronic membership card.

Can I enjoy the membership benefits immediately after installing the APP and registering as a Francfranc FUN! member?
You can enjoy the benefits right away when shopping in our retail stores. For online shopping, the benefits will be available for use on the next day after you have linked eShop account in the App. 

After reaching the specified spending amount and upgrading to the Pearl/Ruby/Diamond membership, can I use the upgraded benefits immediately?
No, the upgraded benefits can be only applied on next purchase.

About Francfranc FUN!

What is FUN!/ How can I earn FUN!?
Francfranc FUN! members can earn points “FUN!” by purchasing in Francfranc Hong Kong physical stores and presenting their valid electronic membership card or logged in Francfranc online shop account for purchase.
Members will earn 1FUN! for every HK$1 spending in Francfranc Hong Kong physical stores and online shop (Service charges and purchase of Gift Vouchers are excluded in FUN! earning).

What is the validity period of FUN!?
FUN! will be completely cleared and recalculated on December 31st of each year at 23:59. FUN! earned on or after September 1st of each year at 00:00 will be valid until December 31st of the following year at 23:59.

How can I check my FUN! balance?
You can check your FUN! balance through the Francfranc FUN! App.

Can I earn FUN! if I fail to present a valid electronic membership card when shopping?
No, all members must present a valid electronic membership card to earn FUN!.

Can I earn FUN! when I purchase Francfranc Gift Voucher?

Can I earn FUN! if I make a purchase using Francfranc Gift Voucher or Gift Card?

Can I earn FUN! if I settle the payment at self-checkout cashier?
Yes, you can select the "Member" interface to settle payment at the self-checkout cashier to earn FUN!.

Can I earn FUN! Immediately after completing the payment for an order that requires delivery?
No, after the delivery process has been completed, the FUN! will be reflected on your App account in 10 working days. 

How can I use my FUN!?
You can use the Francfranc FUN! App to redeem your FUN! for cash coupons or a range of exciting rewards, only applicable to Hong Kong physical stores and online shop.

How can I use my cash coupons?
You can redeem your cash coupons in Francfranc Hong Kong physical stores and online shop. Show the coupon to the cashier during checkout in-store or enter the corresponding code during online checkout after logging into your registered account. Please note that each cash coupon can only be used once and must be used within the valid period.

Could I use multiple E-coupons on a single order for E-shop?
No, only one E-coupon can be applied for each purchase.

Can I transfer my FUN! or cash coupons to someone else for use?
No, FUN! and cash coupons are for personal use only and cannot be transferred or gifted to others.

Technical Support

What should I do if I no longer want to receive promotional information from Francfranc?
You can select "My Account" under “Profile” in the Francfranc FUN! app, then select "Direct Marketing" and check "Do not wish to receive direct marketing communications" to stop receiving promotional information.

How can I change the phone number registered in my Francfranc FUN! App account?

You can submit the request to change your phone number at here and Francfranc Customer Service team will process it within 10 working days.

What should I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, you can request a password reset through the Francfranc FUN! App. Your new password will be sent to the phone number you provided during registration.

Will the Francfranc FUN! App account be automatically logged out?
Yes, your Francfranc FUN! account will be automatically signed out if there is any updates on the Francfranc FUN! App.
Under normal circumstances, you can select "Profile - My Account" in the Francfranc FUN! App and then select "Log Out".