Candle Seaside Walk Blue

SKU: 1105120063894
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Candle Seaside Walk Blue
Candle Seaside Walk Blue
Candle Seaside Walk Blue
Candle Seaside Walk Blue
Candle Seaside Walk Blue
Candle Seaside Walk Blue
Candle Seaside Walk Blue

Candle Seaside Walk Blue

SKU: 1105120063894
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One candle with two different scents.
Not only can you enjoy one by one, but you can also enjoy the scent of aqua and woody by burning both.
The scent and design of this product is inspired by the feeling of walking on the beach, making your relaxing time more elegant.
It is also a nice point that it comes with a lid to prevent dust from entering.

Dark blue: SEA (ACQUA) scent
Light blue: GINGERWOOD scent

Use with the wick upright please give me.
If the fire deviates from the center during use, extinguish the fire once and return the core to the center with tweezers.
If the flame gets bigger or a black mass forms at the tip of the wick, put out the fire and cut the wick to a length of about 5mm before using.
Since it has two wicks, you can enjoy different scents depending on the candle you light.
Please enjoy each fragrance when using one by one or using both.
Size: W95×D95×H80mm
Material: Wax, Stoneware
Care Instruction
Duration of fragrance: Approx. 12 hours
*Conditions of use It depends on the environment.
■When using, please be careful about handling fire, fire, and burns.
■Be sure to place it in a place where you can see it while in use, and do not move it while the fire is lit or immediately after the fire is extinguished.
■After use, make sure the fire is completely extinguished, and do not touch the container until it cools down.
■ The lid is dustproof. Make sure the fire is completely extinguished and let the wax cool before closing the lid.
■Avoid placing near flammable items or in places exposed to direct wind from air conditioners, etc., and use the product in a stable location.
■Do not blow off the melted wax from a close distance or spray it with water as the wax may splatter and cause burns.
■ If only one candle is used, the other wax may melt.
■Country of origin: China

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