ROOM COSME style up

This season, Francfranc is launching a new product line - ROOM COSME , that help modern ladies to glam up her room instantly, just like changing everyday make-up and dress code to match with different occasions and express her mood! The collection is now available in all Francfranc Hong Kong stores.

Customize your room with ROOM COSME creatively, as if playing with makeup and dress-up!

ROOM COSME collection introduces patterned ‘Removable Wallpaper’ that could mix-and-match with Interior Charm, art board, art flower and cushion covers to give your home a new look as the season change or occasion needs.

BEFORE vs. AFTER installing wallpaper

Patterned Removable Wallpaper

Pre-glued Removable Wallpaper has various designs, including original floral prints, geometric patterns and plain color. Install patterned wallpaper to large wall surface can instantly change the atmosphere of the space.

And you can apply the wallpaper to smooth surfaces of furniture, to upgrade existing shelves and storage boxes. The material is born in Germany and made of a mixture of pulp and polyester (stronger than paper and more difficult to tear). By applying the unique and original processing technology developed in Japan (Embossed texture that spread the pressure when the wallpaper is stick on the wall, make it easier to remove), beautifully colored wallpaper has grid lines at the back for you to cut it straight and sharp. Self-adhesive wallpaper can be installed easily, without applying glue nor special techniques. Enjoy creating your new and exciting space at home!

  • Each roll W45cm×H250cm

Retro Feminine

Tone-on-tone bedroom filled with all sorts of pink tone patterned wallpaper for a feminine style. Separate two kinds to patterned wallpaper by adding a gold color border. Remaining wallpaper can be used to wrap photo frame to give a retro touch.

Classic Modern 

Monotone bedroom layered with modern wallpaper of different floral print in similar color combinations. Wallpaper can be used in art board and updating furniture as well. Add a splash of color to drawer and side of the chest, decorate the handle with Interior Charm.

Final step to glam up the space – tie classic tassel Interior Charm on head board, chandelier lamp and curtain holder!

Royal Elegance

Decorate the living room in Two-tone style, by using pastel floral print wallpaper that blends perfectly. Cut the wallpaper in shape of stage curtain, and ribbon adds such a luxe elegance to the feature wall. Replace the storage box paper handle with long tassel charms to add a touch of boho chic.


View Tutorial - Decorating furniture with wall paper